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I wish I could bring you back,
Show you all the good in life -

Everything you forgot to live for.

Take a walk with me,
I’ll let you see everything that’s gone on.
Show you what’s happened to the person you took your life for.
Oh, if you only knew the kind of person she has turned into.

Lies on top of mind games,
Smiles hiding the evil to her plans,
Someone who will never stop breaking hearts.

If you only knew then…she wasn’t worth it.

I understand everything you felt.
Every question that lingered in your mind.
The need to die was strong, I know.
If only I could have grabbed your hand before you jumped.

I sit here and wonder who you’d be today.
Successful, I’m sure.
Maybe you would be a doctor,
Saving lives.
Allowing people to stay another day,.
Saving those who try to take their lives,
Instead of taking your own.

I’d do anything for you to live again.
Look at the things she’s done.
See the person she is with right now.
Read the words they have said to yet another girl, who all she wanted was to love her.

You would think she would feel the pain after you died,
Learn her lesson and think before she hurts again.
But that’s not at all what has happened.
She doesn’t care a bit.
Honey, she keeps getting worse.

.......I Will Live For You.......
I'm sorry you couldn't live past the hurt she made you feel.
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June 24, 2007
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