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Come take a seat.
'Cause I've got alot to say to you.
Things you would never expect to hear from me.
Crawling on the floor to get to you.
Begging at your feet for you to take me back.
Ha, well that's all over now.
Take the truth and fill it with lies.
Take your heart and turn it cold.
Oh, but thats not at all the kind of person I want.
No, not this time around.
Pretending such things never happened.
Thats where I made my mistake.
But those mistakes stop now.
Talk your lies to me.
Come on, feed them to me.
Wanna look me in the eyes and pretend your real?
Might as well look away.
'Cause baby, you don't phase me at all.
Up and down,
The roller coaster of your emotions stops now.
Let's play your games.
Bet you anything I'll win this time around.
Wanna crawl?
Wanna beg?
Tell me what karma feels like.
Cause I won't stick around long enough to help you through.
Games are over.
Get up and leave.
You're not welcome here anymore.
This time around, I won't be the one to loose the games.
matt-taylor21 Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2007
strength comes from learning how to be proud of yourself...if; you choose to build strength from hate, you loose before you begin =D
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October 12, 2007
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